環宇基金會-尼泊爾代表 Karma DM Sherpa 報導        校名:Chahare Primary school  尼泊爾的高山小學


Its not the same school like when I visited in 2012 at the first time for exploring the school.At that time all the student were being taught nearby the road to Jiri. At the time I asked to one of the teaching stuff there. Why do you teach student on the floor nearby the road? She replied me that they do not have enough classrooms and it is so cold to teach them in the classroom.  The place is situated around 2500 high altitude.  This is why children want to study out site of class room during the day because they can enjoy the sun. I could see the students were not wearing the shoes and most of them had torn out massive clothing, No school dress at all.


間學校和我2012年初訪時的情形大不相同;當時全校學生都在Jiri 的馬路旁上課。我問其中的一位老師:「為什麼你們在馬路旁上課?」她回答我說:「因為教室數量不足,而且在教室裡上課太冷。」教室大約位於2500公尺海拔高度;這就是為什麼孩子們白天想要在教室外面上課,因為他們可以享受陽光。我看見學生赤著腳、沒著校服、衣服也大多是又破又爛。


Circumstances change the life, exactly when I was there to distribute their monthly scholarship, things have changed a lot. I could not even imagine most they are on school dress with happy face. When asked some questions during the interview to their guardians. One of my question was “What do you want to say to your sponsor? “ I asked them in their local language because they understand neither English nor Nepalese. They wanted to say many words to express their happy feelings and thanks to their sponsor but they could not find proper words for even thanking their sponsor.  In this time I got a opportunity to see many people “good mind but uneducated”.




Beside this personal development, the school got government support to build the real school and the school got two more government teaching stuffs just because of ICEF scholarship. When ICEF Taiwan start providing them monthly scholarship many students join to this school and dropping out of students has been stopped in this school. Now there are more than 85 students in small school. According to the Radha Madam the principal of this school, students are coming to school regularly and all people around this school area watching this school as a sample school of “quick changing” The government stuff also visit the school time to time after the school has been help by ICEF said Radha.



I could see clearly “hope in their faces” Hope brings energy and smile to develop them and their nation.


After distributing the scholarship, when I am coming back to Kathamdu the capital city of Nepal, they shake hands saying see you soon.  I also could see kind of civilization in them.


Hope the scholarship will help them to build their life and Nepal.



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